You Don’t Need Coding For APIs Testing

Understand the API 3W: Why, Who and What

  • Access to information (get an object, a list);
  • Update information (store, update or delete);
  • Ask for an action.
  1. Who will use the API?
  2. Which functions do they need?
  3. What data do they interact with?
Figure 1: Get to know your APIs through the swagger descriptor.

Build the API collection to have the big picture

  • Test case 001: Create a developer test account
  • Test case 002: Retrieve the product sample catalog
  • Test case 001: Create a system API account
  • Test case 002: Retrieve a temporary application token
  • Test case 003: Place a new order of typology A
Figure 2: You can easily setup your API test library in Cerberus Testing.

Focus at ensuring main use-cases are met

  1. Identify with the product team most valuable use-cases;
  2. Deliver the first automated tests on the priorities;
  3. Make sure the tests are usable and used in the processes.

Look at the boundaries to detect leaks

  • Security testing for authentication and authorization mechanisms;
  • Test how the API behave with unexpected values;
  • Verify user journeys exceptions are managed.
  • Verify access to resources is only possible with authentication and roles;
  • Verify the API remains stable even with strange and exceptional values;
  • Verify that if go back in the workflow, APIs answers remain clear.

Ensure the tests remain valuable to the team

  • Test alignment with use-cases and requirements;
  • Stable and fast execution of test suites;
  • Simple integration and reporting.
Figure 3: Focus on giving fast feedback to your team, Cerberus Testing.

Stop coding and start testing to win



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