Unified Test Automation With This New Integration

Xqual and Cerberus Testing, a valuable union

Figure 1: The requirements dashboard available with Xqual connected to Cerberus Testing.

What can you do with Xqual and Cerberus Testing?

  • Tests are launched from requirements directly from Xqual;
  • Reports are natively available in Xqual and Cerberus Testing.
Figure 2: The integration lets you follow Cerberus Testing executions directly in Xqual.
  1. Business requirements definition, abstracted from future implementations;
  2. Test requirements and engineering delivered fast with the two platforms;
  3. Requirements reporting to verify your overall requirements status.

How to configure Cerberus Testing with Xqual?

Figure 3: The two parameters required to connect Cerberus Testing to Xqual.
Figure 4: The execution log from Xqual integrated with Cerberus Testing.

Integrations create the platform to accelerate test automation



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