This Is How To Make Continuous Testing

  • Test Planning
  • Test Engineering
  • Test Deployment
  • Test Operations
  • Test Measurement

First things first, Continuous Test Planning

Figure 1: The Test Repository of Cerberus Testing allowing the assets visibility

Fast implementation with Continuous Test Engineering

Figure 2: The Cerberus Testing test structures facilitate collaboration with BDD
Figure 3: You can quickly compose tests with reusable steps in Cerberus Testing

Get end-to-end feedbacks with Continuous Test Deployment

Figure 4: Cerberus Testing natively provides test campaign management

Get Continuous User Feedbacks with Continuous Test Operations

Figure 5: Cerberus Testing supports the Customer Journey Monitoring use-case.

Continuous improvement with Continuous Test Measurement

Figure 6: The native Test Analytics of Cerberus Testing to enable actionable insights

Continuous Testing is leveraging Continuous Feedback Loops

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Cerberus Testing

Cerberus Testing

Cerberus Testing is then 100% open-source test automation platform to accelerate software delivery. Stop coding, start testing.