Our Retrospective to Accelerate Open Source Test Automation

Continuously improve the test automation experience

Figure 1: The tutorials, redesign of the documentation on the left, and the Selenium import on top.

Keep enriching the core test automation capabilities

Figure 2: Erratum self-healing feature in action to increase the reliability of your tests.

Support the evolution of test automation use-cases

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • One Time Password (OTP)
  • Shadow DOM
Figure 3: The typical use-cases and process to test a Kafka driven application.

Accelerate test automation with more integrations

Figure 4: The DDD public APIs of Cerberus Testing now available.
  • Test repository to sync requirements referential (e.g. JIRA/Xray, Yest)
  • Test execution for execution farms (LambdaTest) or notifications.
  • Test reporting to export and consolidate execution data.

Keep investing and growing the community

Figure 5: The GitHub stats of Cerberus Testing with more than 30 contributors.

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Cerberus Testing

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