Look What You Can Unlock With Cerberus Testing 4.13

Test application using Shadow DOM locators

Figure 1: The new “querySelector” available in Cerberus Testing 4.13.

Build reactive test automation with events hooks

Figure 2: The event hooks available in Cerberus Testing.

Stay tuned on Google Chat and Microsoft Teams

Figure 3: The new Google Chat and Microsoft Teams connectors for notifications.

Access step-by-step tutorial by use-cases

  • User documentation: containing the onboarding guide.
  • Administration documentation: for the management of Cerberus.
  • Use-case documentation: provides step-by-step tutorials.
Figure 4: The new documentation menu and the use-cases portal now available.

Integrate faster with the public API portal

Figure 5: The new Cerberus Testing public API portal (beta).

Accelerate your test automation with Cerberus Testing



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