How to take screenshots in Selenium without coding

Taking screenshots manually is complex

Figure 1: The screenshots actions available in Selenium Webdriver, Browserstack.

Cerberus Testing simplifies screenshot action

  1. Adding “takeScreenshot” actions in your tests in low-code;
  2. Run a set of tests with conditional screenshots parameters (see next section);
  3. Natively visualize screenshots and associated HTML on the web interface.

Add take screenshots action in your tests

Figure 2: The takeScreenshot action in low-code, Cerberus Testing.

Run a set of tests conditionally taking screenshots

  • Disable all screenshots even if they are present in the tests;
  • Take a screenshots only for a failing action or control;
  • Systematically take a screenshot for every action.
Figure 3: The native screenshots options for test execution, Cerberus Testing.

Natively visualize screenshots and HTML

Figure 4: The systematic screenshots and HTML recording in Cerberus Testing, GitHub.

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