How To Shift-Right in DevOps with Test Automation

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3 min readJun 6, 2022
Picture by Jungwoo Hong

Accelerating software delivery is a challenge.

The DevOps paradigm contributed to foster an ecosystem in which software changes are more rapidly delivered to production.

But that acceleration increases the risk of introducing defects that can be caught during development and operations phases.

That’s where the Shift-Right paradigm is useful, focusing on improving the product quality by acting on the end of the software lifecycle, near its operations.

This article shares the Shift-right practices that can be implemented with test automation to contribute to the acceleration of valuable software.

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Enrich test techniques before production

One important environment similar yet still before production is the staging or pre-production environment.

Cloud technologies ease the implementation of such environments enabling more teams to enrich their test techniques at that stage.

Different types of performance, security test, among others can be performed at that stage to detect issues in an environment much more similar to the production one.



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