How To Make A Continuous Testing Pipeline With GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions To Accelerate Test Automation

Figure 1: The key components of GitHub Actions, GitHub.

The Cerberus Testing GitHub Action

  • Cerberus Testing instance
  • Cerberus Testing campaign
  • Cerberus Testing API key.

Using Cerberus Testing GitHub Action

Figure 2: The usage of Cerberus Testing GitHub Action, Cerberus Testing.
  1. Login to Cerberus Testing (or get one here)
  2. Get the campaign (details below)
  3. Get the API key (details below)
  4. Configure the GitHub Action
  5. Execution your pipeline

Get the campaign

Figure 3: The test automation campaign part of Cerberus Testing features.

Get the API key

Figure 4: Cerberus Testing provides APIs to ease open-source integration.
Figure 5: The Cerberus Testing GitHub Action job example, GitHub.

Continuous Testing, an accelerator for your team



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