How To Build An Awesome APIs Test Automation Framework

Cerberus Testing
9 min readAug 21, 2021

Your team has started to implement a whole set of APIs. While they seem powerful for the business, you have a new challenge to solve: testing them. Manual testing is fine for some cases, but you quickly need automation.

Implementing the right API test automation right requires structure to ensure its implementation. This is what a framework is about, providing a repeatable frame of reference to solve a set of problems.

In our case, we want to implement end-to-end API test automation aligned with the business requirements, additionally ensuring its accessibility, maintainability, and scalability.

This article shares the common characteristics of an end-to-end API test automation framework, highlighting its implementation within Cerberus Testing. The following points are covered:

  • Why building an API Testing Framework?
  • What is a valuable API Testing Framework?
  • The personas and use-cases of an API Testing framework
  • Build a reusable and scalable API library
  • Implement tests in low-code with shared keywords
  • Execute our APIs tests with speed and reliability
  • Provide the necessary traceability and visibility



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