Cerberus Testing: More Than a Selenium Web Automation Framework

Cerberus Testing
3 min readJul 4, 2022
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Most QA teams start by coding their own web testing framework based on Selenium.

While this can help them in the early stages, they quickly face the issue of missing more advanced features for cross-browser testing, scheduling, and cross-browser compatibility.

In this article, we will share how Cerberus Testing is much more than a Selenium web automation framework.

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Cerberus Testing augments Selenium

QA teams have specific complexity to handle for web testing automation. Browsers are different, compatibility is not the same for Selenium actions and controls.

Cerberus Testing natively provides an abstraction over the different browsers to simplify your test automation effort on a single interface.

You can use the same test case on different browsers without changing the configuration of your test cases, simplifying test design and maintenance.

Cerberus also provides advanced execution capabilities.

Cerberus Testing enables scalable execution

It is easy to execute a few tests on your laptop as a starting point. But software teams usually end up with many tests to manage and execute.

Selenium provides a series of solutions to simplify the execution, like a simple runner in Selenium IDE, or a Selenium Grid for parallel execution.

The issue is the time needed to integrate all these pieces.

QA teams are usually not developers, and developers have most important tasks to perform. That’s where a platform with native integrations can help.

Cerberus Testing provides parallel execution capabilities as well as queuing management to prioritize tests, for example between non-regression and monitoring.

And with more execution, reporting becomes a critical feature.

Cerberus Testing provides native reporting

Test automation reports support fast feedback loops of software delivery answering…

Cerberus Testing

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