Cerberus Testing 4.14 — Packaged Release Notes

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4 min readMay 16, 2022
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Cerberus Testing 4.14 is out!

This release comes with many improvements to accelerate your test automation,

From new actions and controls, security and sikuli improvements, multiple news are packaged inside that release.

This article shares key release content based on the full release notes you access here : cerberus testing 4.14.

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Enrichment of the test automation library

Our philosophy has always been to simplify test automation providing actionable abstraction layers on top of more complex actions.

That’s why we prefer to release common actions in the library used by the community instead of letting everyone script their own complex actions and controls.

This release comes with a new control ‘verifyElementTextContains’ and a new property ‘getRawFromJson’ based on recurring use-cases.

Additionally, a new system variable ‘%system.LASTSERVICE_RESPONSE%’ allows the user to control and manipulate the last service call response in a simple way.

The support for Erratum — our self-healing capability — is now better supported on all controls, simplifying its configuration the first time.

Improvements of the test case page

The test case page is central to the management of modular and scalable test automation suites.

A first series of improvements are available for image recognition that uses the parameter ‘picture=’:

  • Previewed image is larger with real-size
  • Previewed image can be clicked
  • Multiple pictures can be displayed at once.

A second part is dedicated to the configuration of fatal actions, letting you fail the test case if an action is failing, avoiding you to wait the rest of the test to end.

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